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24th-Oct-2010 07:42 pm(no subject)
« pkmn « hikari
If its possible, I would like to drop 3 of my claims, and claim 1 new one.

- PreciousMetalShipping: Gold/Silver
- SkillShipping: Ash/Domino
- CotillionShipping: Cyrus/Dawn/Saturn

BW character name spoilersCollapse )

This is the only one I want for now (along with the other 2 I previously claimed) and thank you. ^^
19th-Sep-2010 04:44 pm(no subject)
Sorry for posting again in one day!

I was just wondering if anyone had claimed FriendShipping or TrueRocketShipping yet (Musashi/Jessie x Koijirou/James x Nyasu/Meowth)? If not, I'd like to claim it. But if so (I don't believe I saw it on the list) please let me know, and I won't claim it otherwise.  
19th-Sep-2010 10:45 am(no subject)
Hello, I'm new to the comm! ^ ^

I'd like to claim the following:

Nyarth or Nyasu + Koijirou (Nyajirou shipping) - - for English watchers of the Pokemon anime, I guess it would be Jeowth (?)

Nyarth or Nyasu + Musashi (Nyashi shipping)- - for English, I guess it would be Messie (?)

I hope I did this right...

Thank you!
5th-Jun-2010 07:13 pm(no subject)
I'd like to claim:

Natsume/Sabrina x Erika (Femmegymshipping)
Karin/Karen x Erika (Rafureshipping)
Natsume/Sabrina x Karin/Karen (Darkmarshshipping)
19th-May-2010 06:19 am(no subject)
pokémon ⅲ × heck yes this happened
I am such a silly derp, but I don't think these have been taken yet, so I'm hoppin' on it. :D

Claiming gameverse!ClingyShipping (Kouki/Lucas x Jun/Barry) and AdvanceShipping (Satoshi/Ash x Haruka/May) if I can? Thank you! ♥
7th-May-2010 07:50 pm - Is this comm dead? D:
dn | L approves of your shenanigans
On the off chance it's still alive, I would love to claim EchoShipping (Lance & Gold) please!
2nd-Mar-2010 03:23 am - Claim!
[Raichu] ★ Chibi
Hello, I'm new to the comm ~

I was wondering if I could claim Twinleafshipping [Jun x Hikari / Barry x Dawn]?
Thank you so much ;w;
28th-Feb-2010 10:24 am(no subject)
Long time no see! Anyways I was wondering if I could drop Cookieshipping and pick up Glistenshipping (Maylene/Candice)? It's a matter of just fading out of liking cookieshipping and glistenshipping becoming my newer otp. Thanks guys!
27th-Jan-2010 02:44 pm - More claims? :|
K I'm gonna be annoying and ask for more claims. :>;;;

QuothTheRavenShipping (Paul/Shinji & Honchkrow/Donkarasu)
Tutorshipping (Paul's Torterra / Shinji's Dotaitos & Ash's Grotle/Satoshi's Hayashigame)

and and and I have no idea WHY this one has no name cause it really should...

Paul's Honchkrow/Shinji's Donkarasu & Ash's Staraptor/Satoshi's Mukuhawk
(or just Honchkrow/Donkarasu & Staraptor/Mukuhawk for shorter)
(Although Darkwingshipping is Honchkrow x Staravia but that's not Staraptor, is it? hfjkhfjsj there should really be a name for this)
27th-Jan-2010 12:27 am - Hello
 Hello, I've seen this page before but for the most part I'm new here because I haven't joined until now. Anyway, as for claims...

I looked at the claim for Comashipping (Shinji/Paul x Satoshi/Ash) and the person's journal is no longer in existence it says. Do you think it's possible for me to reclaim this shipping from them?

I hope I'm doing this right... ^^;;;; Even though it's already claimed...

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