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Pokémon Shippings Claiming Area!
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More claims? :| 
27th-Jan-2010 02:44 pm
K I'm gonna be annoying and ask for more claims. :>;;;

QuothTheRavenShipping (Paul/Shinji & Honchkrow/Donkarasu)
Tutorshipping (Paul's Torterra / Shinji's Dotaitos & Ash's Grotle/Satoshi's Hayashigame)

and and and I have no idea WHY this one has no name cause it really should...

Paul's Honchkrow/Shinji's Donkarasu & Ash's Staraptor/Satoshi's Mukuhawk
(or just Honchkrow/Donkarasu & Staraptor/Mukuhawk for shorter)
(Although Darkwingshipping is Honchkrow x Staravia but that's not Staraptor, is it? hfjkhfjsj there should really be a name for this)
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