Okay you lot; TWO THINGS.

One, the list is updated. GO PARTY OR SOMETHING IDK sob

Two, I has made a pair of claims... and those who know me really, REALLY should not be surprised. Don't fake it, I WILL TELL. Why yes, yes I completely and utterly HAVE claimed Kansasshipping (( Whitney x Soul )) and stupid sexy Strategistshipping (( TR!Lance x Athena )). MY OBVIOUSNESS, IT STINKS YOU ALL OUT... of cinnamon, mind. 8|

Okay, back to your daily schedule you call your life.
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Drop and claim

I'd like to drop Tensionshipping (Harley x Shuu/Drew), and in its place pick up Eruditeshipping (Itsuki/Will x Nejiki/Thorton).

So any Tensionshippers out there can snatch this up if they do so desire.

lawlz twin, bet this is a real shock [/sarcasm]

遊戯王 ☆ thinking of you


I'd like to claim Morty/Falkner (HonorShipping), Silver/Blue (ChoosenShipping), Volkner/Falkner (I don't think it has a name) and Volkner/Roark (EnergyShipping).

(no subject)

If it's alright, I'd like to claim Rival (Silver) x Kotone from the HGSS gameverse. ^^

I'm pretty sure it doesn't have a name yet, though if it does then I'm not aware of it.

(no subject)

'Sup bros. I shall be claiming Redemptionshipping (Kamon [Black] x Kris, Silver/Kris gameverse, et cetera), Calienteshipping (Homura/Tabitha x Haruka/May), and Reiji/Reggie x Ayako/Johanna.

am I doing it right?