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This is the Pokemon Shippings Claiming Community. Here you can claim your favorite Pokemon shipping as your own! Lol, this is just for fun, don't worry! It's a first-come, first served basis, so if the shipping that you want has already been claimed, you better find another one! XD You can check the following forums to see a (in)complete list of declared Pokemon shippings available:

BMGF Forums
SPPF Forums

If you wish to claim right now, please be as specific as possible in your claims. If you can't, maintainers will ask you questions until we have clarified things with you. You have a maximum of 5 Ships to claim (4 for both Pokemon and Pokemon AnimeRealityShippings and 1 for PolyShippings).

1. Include in your post, the name of the ship you wish to claim and the people involved in it (it could be yourself, the same gender or even couples). If you can't give the name of the shipping or no name exists for it yet when you looked up on the list of shipping names, it will be added on the list of claimed ships, but with a question mark (?). This rule is for both Pokemon and AnimeReality shippings. You can claim 1 Poly or Multi-People involved in a ship only if it has a name on the In-Complete List of Shippers on BMGF.

NOTE: If you can't give out your own name (for AnimeRealityShips) your username will be used instead in the persons involved section.

2. Make sure to put a link back here in your LJ Profile so that people will know where you have claimed that shipping.
You can use this to add to your LJ Profile just in case you are not yet aware of the codes yet.

Format: I have claimed (name of shipping/s here) at claims_pkmnship

3. If you just came here to join the community, make your claim, and leave the community later on, we have the right to remove your claims from the list. Be warned.

You can go here to check the list. The List

List updates will be done once a week, depending if the owner of this community has Internet at home! XD Ah well, I have a life outside the Internet you know, so please be patient with me. If not me, then, it's vycksta that will be updating the list.

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